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A couple of people who I don't have on twitter/facebook pinged me to check I was okay after the tragedy in my city yesterday, so I thought I should check in in case anyone else was concerned.

I'm fine, my family are all fine and I think now all my friends have checked in as well - including 2 who were in the immediate area of the accident and 2 who work just down the road. We're mostly just all a bit shaken and so very sad.

For those that don't know, yesterday a bin lorry (garbage truck) lost control in one of the busiest streets in the biggest city in Scotland (Glasgow) at half past two in the afternoon, when many, many people were out doing last minute Christmas shopping (now that the kids are off school) or having festive office lunches. It hit one lady, then plowed on over the pavement (sidewalk) and crashed into a hotel at the entrance to Queen St station. 6 people are dead, 10 injured with 6 of those still in hospital, two in intensive care.

A good (although very upsetting) first hand account is here

If anyone needs support - and the advice that's being given at the moment is to keep talking about it - please contact the Samaritans by calling 08457 90 90 90 or emailing jo@samaritans.org

The blood donation service have advised that they currently have full stocks (but that new regular donors are always welcome), so the requests for support are currently being directed at supporting the Samaritans (donate here). I suspect there will be something set up for the families affected in due course, once more details are released.

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