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Birthdate:Nov 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
My journal is the place I come to use my pretty pictures, babble about fannish things and babble about life in general.

Most non-fannish content is flocked, it's not necessarily interesting or particularly personal, but I want to have a clue who's reading that stuff.

I am, like most people, only here to post occasionally, and although I read my flist about four times a week, possibly daily, I am weird about commenting (why is brain commenting not a thing?)

I rarely friend back immediately, and certainly not if you don't comment to me, I like to know a wee bit about the people I let into my flocked entries, and I only have a limited amount of time to keep up with those I do have friended so I stopped automatically friending back a while ago. I do friend people I'm friendly with, although I don't tend to follow the same people on more than one social network so I'll have you here OR dreamwidth OR facebook OR twitter, but not all of them, so much.

As per a couple of requests:
♥My amazon wishlist is here:
♥Transformative works policy: I can be contacted via messaging here or on lj. My work is mostly all archive members only, but works linking to it don't have to be :)

Blanket permission (with links back to the original story and please eventually let me know) is given for: Art and PodFic

I'm open to (please contact me first to ask, some of my stories/verses have some personal meaning but I'm mostly happy to let you know of anything that I'd prefer you to avoid): Remixes, Expansions in the same universe.

Please don't: translate my work or host my work elsewhere. Thank you. I've been burned with translations before, so unless we've shared a bathroom then I'm afraid I don't know you well enough for that (if we've shared a bathroom then you'll know other ways to get in touch with me and ask :)).

(I am not wenchpixie on AO3. and I don't have my AO3 account name on here, either.)
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